Our Mission

At BamBox, we are a small business on a mission to reduce single-use plastic waste and help people lead a more sustainable lifestyle.

It’s no secret that our world has become inundated with plastic waste and it’s polluting our environment. The ‘on the go’ food and drink industry is a significant contributor to single-use waste in the UK. Our demand for lunch on the go creates 11bn items of packaging waste annually – much of this contains plastic and isn't recycled.


By creating a stylish range of lunch boxes, we want to encourage more people to want to make their own healthy meals #mealprep and reduce the single-use waste created by 'grab-and-go ' food. 

Plastic Waste


We are committed to reducing single-use plastic waste across the world, but as a small business we recognise that this issue is much bigger than us. If we really want to get to grips on plastic pollution, we need big corporates to step up and reduce consumer reliance on plastic, and governments to introduce laws that will ensure this happens.


That’s why, from May 2019, we are proud to donate 25p from each lunch box sold to Friends of the Earth through Work For Good. We hope to support Friends of the Earth their efforts in getting a Plastic Pollution Bill into UK law, as well as their wider action to tackle climate change.