Can I put my lunch box in the dishwasher?

The bamboo fibre base can be put in the dishwasher, however the lid should be washed by hand. It should only need a simple wipe :)

Can I put my lunch box in the microwave?

We have launched a new microwaveable range of BamBoxes, which can indeed be heated in the microwave. However if you have one of our original BamBoxes these cannot be placed in the microwave.

What are your lunch boxes made of?

The lid of our lunch boxes is made from natural, solid rolled bamboo and comes with a elasticated fabric strap and food grade silicone seal to help keep food fresh. The base of the lunch box is a bamboo fibre composite which is made from 45% bamboo fibre, 30% corn powder, 19.5% melamine, 0.5% resin and 5% other wood fibres. Melamine is an organic compound that helps to give the base of the lunch box its shape.

Where are your lunch boxes made?

We work closely with a supplier in China who produces our lunch boxes for us. The lunch boxes are produced in Zhejiang province, with the bamboo materials being supplied from a bamboo farm in the neighbouring Anhui province.

What type of bamboo do you use?

The species of bamboo we use in the production of our lunch boxes is Phyllostachys Pubescens, this is a bamboo species which is native to the Anhui province.

Are your lunch boxes leakproof?

Due to the natural materials used to make the lunch box and the fact that they are plastic free, BamBox’s bamboo lunch boxes are not 100% leakproof - so we would suggest not using them to carry liquids such as soups.

Will natural acids such as vinegars and lemon juice interact with the lunch box?

It is fine to put foods with natural acids in the lunch box, they will not interact with our bamboo lunch box.

Will my lunch box have plastic-free packaging?

Yes! For all the items we ship out ourselves to customers we will ensure that all packaging is plastic-free. We have less control over this if you made your purchase with another stockist, however we aim to work with like-minded companies that are committed to being plastic-free :)